Persona Grata going on tour with Felix Martin in September!

we have some great news! 
In September Persona Grata is going on tour with Felix Martin and his band.
Felix is a left-handed, Venezuelan-born guitar prodigy, alumni of Berklee School of Music, designer of 14-string custom guitar and our fellow from Progressive Nation at Sea!
We start September 18th in Bratislava, playing 8 concerts in Slovakia and Czech Republic. We are extremely excited it worked out and hope you’re gonna come and support us. More info coming soon! Check the presale here

First look at this french review and it felt like "ups, this one is gonna hurt". ]

But….As we were reading it came out, it’s not only good one, but it picked on some very important point. Something that every band in this genre has to be prepared for

“Persona Grata is a band with professional sound, perfectly in place technically and certainly not a clone of “the-one-who-can-not-be named” Group.

On the other hand, isn’t it great to be automatically compared to the best?:))) Big thanks to and Jean-Philippe

"After all this time I succeeded
Now I have it all but I still want more
I can buy you things you never dreamed of
I can buy you love, whatever you desire”

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